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About Us


Our Vision


The church is the membership, gathered to worship God, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to celebrate the Sacraments, to enjoy Christian fellowship, to serve others with love, and to strive toward righteousness, justice, and peace. 



Our Outreach Ministries


  • Brookside  Hunger Center
  • Hunger  Task Force
  • Church  Street Ministries
  • Church  Missionary in Brazil
  • Our  Christian World Mission
  • Families  at Christmas
  • Neighbors  in Need
  • CWS  Crop Walk 
  • Mutual  Ministry Service Group  
  • Malachi  House
  • Parma  Family Collaborative
  • Habitat  for Humanity


St. Paul's Organizations


  • Adult  Church Choir - provides choral music in celebration of the worship service. Practices are before service at 9 A.M. 
  • Adult  Bell Choir - provides music once a month during church service. Practices are Sunday mornings following church service. 

Pastor's Message

From the Desk of Reverend Carl Pelzer

February 2019 

As this is written, we face a typical February question. “How cold will it be tomorrow…and were they serious about that -30 degree wind-chill?” When you live in northeast Ohio, these are normal concerns at this time of year. If, however, these are our biggest concerns, we should consider ourselves lucky. In the world around us, we read of many active conflicts, as well as disputes that quietly churn just below the surface, so our issues pale by comparison.

Although February is frequently thought of just as the month that includes Valentine’s day…that celebration of Cupid’s work in the world…it is also when we observe Presidents’ Day…remembering the contributions of two of our greatest Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Both led the nation during times of war and civil unrest, and both helped our nation find and define its values and purpose. Those conflicts did not end when a treaty was signed, however. Many years…or decades…passed before the issues that brought about those wars were, for the most part, finally resolved. Reason…and understanding…develop slowly, and require communication, compassion and compromise.

The world today is still a very dangerous place, as we see constantly on the newscasts. The world is also a very small place, given the “wonders” of modern technology, and no nation can isolate and protect itself with no regard for the events occurring around them. You and I share this earth with over 7 billion other people…each and every one of them a child of God. We are called to shelter them when they are homeless…to feed them when they are hungry…to clothe them when they are naked…to defend them when they are persecuted… and above all else, to love them and live in peace with them, sharing the blessings that abound in this world that God has so lovingly provided for our use.

When we discuss events in our world, and when we ponder what actions might be “appropriate”, we must be certain that we do more than offer lip-service to our faith. With faith, it IS possible to “over come evil with good!” It may not be simple…and it may not be easy…but it is possible – and it IS what we are called to do! We are called to build understanding that will reveal our common humanity and bring us all together…not walls that will keep us apart! Let us make a sincere effort to truly live our faith, allowing Jesus’ teachings to guide our decisions and our actions. It is much too early in the year to forget the Christmas message of “Peace on Earth!”



Hall Rental Available with Full Kitchen
Seating capacity: 125
Cost: $200.00 plus a $50.00 security deposit for 4 hours
Snow plowing extra if needed

Church Sanctuary Available for Weddings
Cost: $250.00


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